Why Motivation Molds Winners

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful and others are not?

It’s not about talent, and it’s not just about luck. There are plenty of highly talented people who never get their break, but there are also lots of very lucky people who don’t manage to make it big. You need talent AND luck.

And you know what both talent and luck have in common?

They are both born from motivation.

Motivation is the fuel that ensures you keep on carrying on, when the world gets tough. It’s what ensures you put in the most time and the most effort to emerge victorious.

This has a BIG impact on talent, because talent in many cases comes from practice and repetition. While there may be some natural element involved in your musical capabilities, you won’t become a maestro on the piano unless you practice for HOURS every single day.

Likewise though, luck is also fuelled by motivation. Why? Because luck is about statistics. If you keep entering the lottery, then you will increase your overall odds of winning. It’s that simple.

Being motivated means continuing to keep trying at something, even when you have failed many times before. Or when you just aren’t seeing the results you want.

This is because you often only need to succeed ONCE. And when there is no penalty for trying, why not keep trying?

You cannot be successful without motivation then. And that is true not only when it comes to your career, but also your fitness, your relationships, your finances, and more.

The best bit? The more motivation you have, the better you will be in every one of those areas! That’s because you can always put in more work, you can always put in more effort, and thus you can always come out better than you were before.

But the benefits of motivation go far beyond just accomplishing goals.

Motivation can also help you to improve every other minor aspect of your life.
How about you start waking up on time? Or setting your alarm for 4am so you can go for a morning run?

How about you start writing a novel in the evening? How about you stop watching useless YouTube videos and instead learn a new language?

Motivation will help you to eek out more reps in the gym, and it will help you to stay more focussed on the task in hand.

Cultivate motivation and discipline, and you will be limitless

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